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We cannot fix or change the world – but in the change and repair of the watch we will be happy to assist you” / the thoughts of an old watchmaker

The DEMON company combines the best traditions of watchmaking with those of modern technology. Watchmaking is for us, not just a job but a passion. We constantly deepen our knowledge of technological innovations, our work encompasses many professions and specializations, from which we draw inspiration and the capacity to use various tools.

We are collectors and lovers of watches, clocks and old watchmaker’s tools. The company specializes in the repairs of all watches (full service, maintenance and renovation), with special focus on mechanical ones. With reverence and responsibility we handle antique clocks, antiques and all items which have a great sentimental value for our customers.

We also offer a full range of bars, springs glass, telescopes and tension rollers. We can produce all missing parts in clocks and watches, also those that are impossible to find ready-made. We are capable of duplicating all lenses, including non-standard (ex, grounded). We will repair complicated clocks and watches such as chronographs, ringing clocks, repetiers, carillons, music box figural clocks and cuckoo clocks such as Tyrolean folk and schwarzwald clocks.

We offer a full service quartz battery exchange for the modern electric and electronic clocks. We also have batteries for a number of modern microelectronic devices (remote control cars, thermometers, scales, pilots and batteries for toys).

We perform periodic maintenance, including throughout cleaning, of all watches and clocks, we also adjust the bracelets (incliding jewelery). Our skills are come from years of experience in the trade and in maintaining a considerable collections of watches and clocks, both in various institutions as well as private collections.
We can design all kinds of sundials (horizontal in the garden, vertical and diagonal on the walls of buildings, planning). For your appartment we can offer various arrangements of clocks and watches depending on your taste and the assumed organizations of space. We can assist you in searching and buying watches based on your expectations (for example for commemorative gifts).

We sell watches, clocks and alarm clocks and commission both new and second-hand watches, with a guarantee of their origin, legality, and quality and of the copy of gait. We can issue VAT invoices.
We provide advice, training and consulting on all matters regarding clocks, watches and watchmaking.
We invite you to visit our studio in Białołęka.

We are open for cooperation with watchmaking enthusiast and collectors of watches both from Poland and from abroad.

We offer full service for reasonable prices. Do not hestitate to write to us:


or call us at +48602347426

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